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"look at the stars. the great kings of the past look down on us from those stars... so whenever you feel alone, remember that those kings will always be there to guide you

and so will I."

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Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days:Suoh Mikoto  (▰˘◡˘▰).
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Pixel cloudscapes

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In other words, this means I’m not even a magical girl anymore?

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Shireen Baratheon in 4x03 
You’re your father’s daughter, no mistake.

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Neil Craver

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Doodle of Nui \ o /

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My copies of the NBC!Hannibal artbook Banquet came today! I’m very honoured to be in the book alongside many wonderful artists. ;_; I was afraid to post my entry here for that reason but I guess I’ll bite the bullet and post it now, heh. I hope you like it.

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"The best hope that remains is to try and salvage something with a peace. That is all I meant to do. Gods be good, how can they call it treason?"

"My lord, what did you do?"

"Not treason. Never treason. I love His Grace as much as any man. My own niece is his queen, and I remained loyal to him when wiser men fled. I am his Hand, the Hand of the King, how can I be a traitor? I only meant to save our lives, and … honor … yes. … I penned a letter. Salladhor Saan swore that he had a man who could get it to King’s Landing, to Lord Tywin. His lordship is a … a man of reason, and my terms … the terms were fair … more than fair."
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lhevette ;  
☠ for Totsuka, ☯ for Anna


☠ Totsuka started regularly drinking at seventeeninsh, back when Homra already existed but was yet to transform into the Red clan. Albeit illegal, it was greenlit and actively endrosed by Kusanagi as a subtle way to age Totsuka up a bit and pave him a way into the ‘adult’ category in the eyes of underling thugs: “Homra” ‘s policy in regards to serving high-schoolers and such had always been rather strict, booze - especially free booze - was unanimously considered a privilege of older and higher-ranking members. Of course, since it was specifically meant to create a certain (casual, but dignified) image, Totsuka had the drinking code drilled into his skull well before he was let anywhere near alcohol. So it wasn’t really all that exciting at first: just taking an occasional swig of beer - he didn’t even like the taste, but cocktails or wine would look ridiculously fancy for a teen and they couldn’t risk anything strong - and have Kusanagi shoot you meaningful menacing glares whenever you act a hint of tipsy (which isn’t far removed from Totsuka’s normal conduct, so most of glares turned out to be crying wolf). However, the disappointment was minimal, as his expectations weren’t high to begin with. Totsuka first tasted alcohol when he was still in single digits - his adoptive father didn’t see a problem with giving him a sip of whatever piqued his curiosity and subsequently laughing at his grimacing.

A year or two later, almost of age, he started to discover a funner side of drinking, mostly indulging at parties or during the after-hours downtime with Suoh and Kusanagi. The process of boozing up became more relaxed and habitual, he got to learn his body’s reactions and limitations better and came to quite enjoy the half-drunk buzz - yet never really turned into an appreciator or enthusiast. All in all, his relationship with alcohol shaped up to be of the ‘wouldn’t initiate or drink alone, but wouldn’t decline an offer either’ sort.

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By 録音

Permission was granted by the original artist to use this image.

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Make Me Choose: Vixey or Rita

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